Łomża, Poland

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Sculpture: baked clay


Figure 01 8x7x35 cm, Figure 02 8x8x34 cm

Year Created - 2022


About Iwona Rafałowska

Iwona Rafałowska first came into contact with clay in 2014 and year by year her fascination was growing. The weekend classes in her hometown and the table in the kitchen were no longer enough for her. She began to leave for training and workshops. She learned new working techniques and met fascinating people. In 2019, she opened her own studio, IWAart, because she felt a great need to create and transfer her passion to people. From that moment on, passion became her work. She creates functional and artistic ceramics, and deals with sculpture. She treats her work as a mission to transfer all good energy to objects in which she puts her heart, soul and great passion for ceramics. The artist also conducts ceramics workshops for adults and children in her studio and ceramics classes in schools and kindergartens. There is a small gallery next to the studio where she exhibits her works. The artist is inspired primarily by nature. Nature's perfection and self-sufficiency have always delighted her. It creates organic shapes and textures with tenderness. The economy of colors and the severity of forms is a deliberate measure - the variety of clays in itself emphasizes the shapes and the idea of ​​the creator.

Most of the ceramics that Iwona creates are single copies. Handmade items can be repeated, but they will never be the same. Clay requires not only knowledge, but also humility, hates haste and mistreatment. It is like a person to whom you have to pay attention to, listen with patience and give your time selflessly.

In her collections you can find plates, cups and bowls, but also unique sculptures that will decorate any interior.