Lomianki, Warsaw, Poland

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Sculpture: glazed ceramics

Carving: 26x23x47 cm

Year Created - 2016


About Joanna Roszkowska

Joanna Roszkowska has graduated from Industrial Design at Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. She has been combining art and design for years by leading the designers' agency Studio DN. Joanna has created utility forms for years, and at some point, she decided to go back to the roots and started to make classic artforms like paintings and sculptures. Joanna Roszkowska studied sculpture in Krystian Januszkiewicz and Wiktor Gutt workshop. The result came in 2015 when she started work with the ceramic at Nowolipki in Paweł Kasprzak workshop.

Roszkowska's art is a mixup of modern forms with abstraction. Various methods of creation let her gain unique shapes, forms, structures, and colors. On the whole, these artworks are very sophisticated, dynamic, and smooth. 

There are two main streams present in every series of Roszkowska's art. The first one is about the relationship between man and nature. Sculptress shows the power and beauty of nature but at the same time wants to draw attention to the impact of humans' lifestyle on the natural environment and its fragileness. The second is the dualism and sensualism of a human being. Joanna brings to daylight subjects like sensuality, gender matters. 

Inspiration for her first artworks was the nature, complicated structural forms of the sea world; corals, wheals, and alike. Then came time for journeys. Nomad - name, and pieces of the next collection were inspired by the sands of Namibian deserts, and the rawness of rocks. Pieces from this collection are monochromatic, strict, and rock alike structures. The next collection name is Carbon as an inseparable part of the environment. Artist tries to show the beauty and magnetism of carbon blackness, but she reaches deeper. She wants people to realize omnipresent consumerism generating a lot of CO2 destructible for our planet.

Fragile, Intimate structures, and Madness are the three latest collections. 

Roszkowska’s sculptures are a perfect contrapunct to minimalistic, modern interiors. Abstract form and richness of composition stays in opposition to simple arrangements. 

If you are intrigued so far, you'll love those exceptional pieces of Roszkowska art.

Most important shows and awards:

Biomorphic Art. - The Royal Castle in Warsaw

Biomorphic Art – Koszyki Gallery, Warsaw

3rd Global Design Awards - Egri Bikaver project


"Valuable because Polish", Warsaw Home 2019
International Art Fair, Warsaw 2018


-"Intimate structures", StationOfArt, Warsaw 2021
- "Young in the jungle", Agraaart Nova, Warsaw 2019
- "Art Nomad", Born to Create, Warsaw 2019
- "Konfrontacje Sztuki", Test Gallery, Warsaw 2018
- "Entropia" Bydgoszcz Art Center, Bydgoszcz 2018; individual exhibition
- "Biomorphic Art" Koszyki, Warsaw 2017; individual exhibition
- Royal Castle in Warsaw, 2016; individual exhibition