Warsaw, Poland

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Porcelain: hand-formed

Dimensions: 13x10x7cm; 200 ml

Year Created - 2022


About Magdalena Konior

Magdalena Konior graduated from Sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Krakow in 1999. For the next 20 years, sculpture gave way to working as an interior designer for a huge Scandinavian company. But the passion for sculpting never went away for good, and one day Magdalena Konior decided to go back to creation. Years ago she was working with bronze, nowadays she discovers ceramics and porcelain. 

The desire to search and experiment prompted the artist to combine sculptural chamotte clay with delicate porcelain. And the combination of sculpture with the functionality of the interior resulted in the creation of functional forms that are not rolled on a potter's wheel or cast from forms, but carved with hands.

It is fascinating that the artist never knows 100% what the end result of the entire process will be. She thinks up the next stages on a regular basis. Very often, mistakes made during firing are transformed into advantages. Thanks to this, both the object and its use acquire individual, unique features. This has a huge impact on their uniqueness.

Magdalena creates exceptional, unique utility ceramics and sculptures. Every piece of her art is irreplaceable and one of a kind. If you appreciate real handwork and want to be the one and only owner of a beautiful unique ceramics collection you have to see her artwork.



1995-2000- participation in open-air exhibitions / Wola Niżna, Zakopane, Dukla, Tarnów

2018 May individual exhibition in Gmunden Austria

2018 July collective exhibition Malmo Sweden

2021 planned exhibition Gmunden Austria

2022 planned exhibition Warszawa