Chojnice, Poland

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Painting: acrylic original painting on canvas

Image: 100x100cm

Year Created - 2021




About Kamila Ossowska

Kamila Ossowska was born in 1990 in Chojnice. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. Artist studied painting and drawing in the studio of prof. Andrzej Sadowski, where she obtained a diploma in painting. The way of expression in her work is drawing and painting. The artist usually works in mixed techniques with the use of pencil and coal, as well as oil techniques. Creativity oscillates around figurative art, specifying a female figure, often tinged with eroticism, emanating feminine sensuality and consciously aimed provocation. Her works are inspired primarily by existential loneliness, obsessions, and spiritual discomfort - in combination with the erotic aspect, she creates fascinating, indifferent works. Building a picture with the use of light and a sensitive treatment of the situation creates a specific character and unifies her achievements stylistically. The fascination with the body, however, goes beyond what is associated with eroticism. In sophisticated, enhancing ecstatic poses, the artist searches for the hidden, unfinished, turbulent sides of the female interior, which is part of it. Nudity is only a natural disinterested state, the beauty of the visible world. The apparently stratified and underestimated, fuzzy form of the nudes opens up unlimited scope for individual interpretations and tasting of this art in its own, often intimate, way. In 2020, the artist started a project on abstract painting. Speaking through form, shape and texture, the artist looks for a beauty that delights with itself, without reference to objectivity.



"The Master and the Students" and the exhibition at the PENTAGON Gallery - opening November 7, 2013

"In Black and White" BE-ART exclusive 2014 exhibition - opening - December 16, 2014

"Derby 016" exhibition at the Cultural Center in Ciężkowice - opening October 2016

collective exhibition - "Zgoda" Cultural Center in Świętochłowice - opening December 12, 2016

collective exhibition of erotic art - "Bohema NowaSztuka" Auction House and Gallery in Warsaw - opening October 16, 2017

collective exhibition - "Art & Passion" studio in Warsaw - opening October 7, 2017

group exhibition – Korez Theater Gallery - opening August 4, 2018

collective pre-auction exhibition - NEXT gallery in Bydgoszcz, November 29, 2018

pre-auction showroom - Xanadu gallery in Warsaw, June 15-16, 2019

collective pre-auction exhibition - NEXT gallery in Bydgoszcz, 30/08/2019

pre-auction showroom - Xanadu gallery in Warsaw, January 12-19, 2021

group exhibition - "Fresh Reality" Musée d'Art Campanaire, L'Isle Jourdain, /on-line opening/ - 21.01.2021

the 94th exhibition of the contemporary art, "Rempex" auction house, April 9-21, 2021, Warszawa

group exhibition "Fresh Reality", October 21-24, 2021, Versailles Palais des Congrès, France