Giżycko, Poland

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Sculpture: bronze, granite

Carving: 20x23x45 cm

Year Created - 2022


About Marek Czarnecki

Marek Czarnecki was born in the second half of the 20th century in Giżycko. Artist feels free and wants to remain that way. He is not a member of any creative associations. He does not strive for publicity. Marek Czarnecki
simply - he does his job as an artist and researcher of antiquity. The results of his work can be found on six continents, from Canada to Australia and from South Africa to Russia, with the largest collections in Warsaw (PL), Portland (USA), and Taipei (RC). Moreover, numerous statuettes as prizes and singular sculptures are in the hands of several hundred leading Polish scientists, artists, musicians, and cultural activists. The bronze sculptures emerge in the process of "thoughtful laziness" and an exceptional aversion to the
so-called hard creative work. There's no slog or suffering while creating, but on the contrary, the process is effortless, a result of specific play with the matter. It generally amounts to transforming perishable materials such as wood, fabrics, paper, and wax into metal (bronze). Such a technique causes the sculpture can't be copied - at most - could be made a bit similar. At the same time, in the final version, they have a figural form in which distant echo is noticeable in Assyrian, Babylonian, or Egyptian art. The topics of the artwork
oscillate around the basic myths and historical events of our European civilization, sometimes touching contemporary. Despite the seriousness of the subject and the reverie visible in the characters created - emphasized by staring at the sky (clouds) - each sculpture is, in fact, a joke.



Since 1989, he has exhibited and participated in competitions related to sculpture (about 70 exhibitions, including several awards and distinctions as well as scholarships from the Minister of Culture and Art), carries out orders, and sells in Poland and abroad.